Hospitality Design

The hospitality sector has seen surge in innovation and creative design ideas as utilizing a space to it maximum potential becomes more challenging than ever. With us, your project of passion has now become a reality as we give shape to your goals. 

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Hospitality design for  Sorbillo
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Our Approach to Hospitality Design

We bring a unique experience of designing and building complex projects like EATALY stores and apply our knowledge to every hospitality project, from a local restaurant to fancy food markets. We believe HOSPITALITY is the area where we will see the most innovative design and construction projects.

What's included in this service?

  • Interior & Exterior Design
  • Planning
  • Construction
  • Decoration
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What our clients say about our firm

Eataly Hospitality design

Dominick is an "Out of the Box" designer with vision that transcends Dimension.

Bill Hoffmann
Hoffmann Enterprises Construction
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