Industry Recognitions
2011 Retail Design Luminary of the Year
Welcome to Partners+
We Develop Unique Architectural Projects
Our Passion is Hospitality and Retail
Started in 2000, Partners+ continues to be a trusted partner in the hospitality, supermarket,
retail and residential sectors, with an extensive portfolio of projects.
Award-Winning Designs
Our success comes from the commitment to CREATIVITY and the highest level of QUALITY and EXECUTION. We exercise SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY by designing and building spaces that create HISTORY and leave a unique footprint in the design industry and in THE WORLD.
This is our PASSION. Period.
We bring a unique experience of designing and building complex projects like EATALY stores and apply our knowledge to every hospitality project, from a local restaurant to fancy food markets. We believe HOSPITALITY is the area where we will see the most innovative design and construction projects.
We Listen to your DREAMS.
We design and build homes as if they are OUR OWN. Every detail counts. HIGH QUALITY is non-negotiable. We are OBSESSED with TECHNOLOGY so we love building SMART HOMES. From voice-driven lighting to landscaping lighting and amazing backyard music systems, our residential projects become PARADISE HOMES.
our approach

Environmentally Conscious

Our focus is on creating unique and innovative designs, all while respecting our environment by using eco-friendly materials and following proper building procedures.

Philosophy of Excellence

Our philosophy is creating a unique experience for all of our partners, with the approach of understanding their needs and wants to execute their project.

Ambitious Construction

Construction is our passion with more then 40 years of experience in the construction industry.

Completed Projects

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